Thursday, January 23, 2014


Moving to New York means moving to a Vampire Weekend song, at least one off Modern Vampires of the City. They feel so inextricably linked to the city. I know Step is actually about Ezra Koenig's musical influences and obsessions but, before I knew all that, it was just a song with some lovely nonsense poetry and a stunning chorus feeling its way through growing up. I still can't help thinking about it as a rite of passage song. Which is right where I am right now. The gloves are off. The wisdom teeth are out. I'm stronger now. Ready for the house. But I can't do it alone. So here are some choice Koenig nuggets, set against the most beautiful monochrome New York cityscapes this side of Woody Allen's Manhattan.

(Age is an honour - it's still not the truth)

 Woody Allen Manhattan intro
Woody Allen's Manhattan

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